Juno by Vandoren Tenor Saxophone Reeds, 3.0 (3-pack)


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Product Description

Specially Designed for Students

The Juno Reeds are made from select cane grown in the Mediterranean. The intuitive cut makes the reed extra responsive, so it’s far easier to achieve the right sound. This is perfect for beginners and students since it allows them to focus more on playing their instrument rather than focused on trying to work the reed properly. Vandoren’s Juno reeds helps players to learn at a faster rate as it makes playing easier from top to bottom.

Unique Flow Packaging

Once the Juno reeds have being created, they are immediately placed individually into humidity balanced packages. The packets help keep the reeds fresh and untouched, making them feel and sound as high quality as the day they were made. This means that the reed you play has the same freshness and usability as it did when it was first made.


  • Material: Mediterranean Cane
  • Strength: 2.0
  • Saxophone Size: Tenor
  • Pack Contents: 3