G&L Tribute Series ASAT Special Deluxe

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Product Description

The ASAT Special Deluxe frames two fully loaded high-output single-coil Magnetic Field Design™ bridge pickup's delivering crisp attack with complex harmonics while individual nickel plated die-cast Saddles offer modern levels of intonation refinement. The neck pickup gives a rich tonal palette, from round, clean jazz tones to thick, gritty blues. In the Tribute Series, all this mojo is available at a price attainable for every working musician.

G&L's contemporary, non-compression design incorporates a secondary, flat-sided rod which bows away from primary rod. Unlike a vintage truss rod, this design does not compress the neck longitudinally in order to function; compression is undesirable because it tends to distort the curvature of the fingerboard. Operation is both fluid and accurate with the articulation of the neck, the "relief", being very consistent across the length of the neck.

The Magnetic Field Design® pickups use a ceramic bar magnet installed underneath each coil, with soft iron adjustable pole pieces to transfer the magnetic field to the surface of the pickup. By contrast, traditional Alnico type pickups use nonadjustable Alnico pole pieces leaving the only adjustment being pickup height. The Magnetic Field Design has this adjustment, but further offers individual adjustment of each pole piece, letting the player effectively adjust the output of each string on each pickup. Magnetic Field Design yield about twice the output per wind, making the pickup quieter while allowing a greater overall output. The sound of Magnetic Field pickups is slightly warmer with a broader frequency response.